Autumn on the Square Booth Rental Form Sheet

Saturday, September 27, 2014
Sponsored by the Marianna/Lee County Chamber of Commerce 
Come join us for our fall festival, Autumn On The Square, in historic downtown Marianna, Arkansas on September 27, 2014. Our festival features games and activities for children, good food, crafts, live entertainment and fun for all ages.
SET-UP:  In order to participate, please fill out the attached form and return it by Wednesday, September 17, 2014 with your booth deposit. Each booth measures approximately 15’ x 15’ and booths are assigned on a first come, first serve, basis, as to availability and area except when electrical outlets are needed.
Vendors can set up on the Friday, September 26, 2014 before the festival after 1:00 p.m.  A festival representative will be in the square from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Friday to assign booth numbers.
Booths may also be set up the morning of the festival from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.  All booths must be set up by 9:30 a.m. NO BOOTH SET UPS WILL BE ALLOWED AFTER 9:30 A.M. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Items That CAN NOT BE SOLD: The Marianna/Lee County Chamber board has passed a rule that NO silly string and NO guns of any sort can be sold at the Autumn on the Square festival.

Rain does not cancel the festival. Booth rentals are non refundable.

TENTS:  Most booths will be in the sun for a good part of the day. We encourage you to supply some type of shading device.  Be sure tents will fit in the booth space of 15 ft. x 15 ft.  If it will not, you will need to rent two spaces.
*If your tent takes up more than 15 ft. x 15 ft., you will be asked to take it down.*

**Food vendors preparing food with any sort of oil vat or open flame will be placed on the street NOT the grass. This is for the safety of everyone involved.**
Due to close quarters, smoking grills or grills that expel excessive smoke are not allowed.

 FOOD VENDORS Continued:
Excessive smoking grills have been a problem in the past, but organizers want to work with those who prefer an active grill for their food. So, charcoal grills are allowed this year, but the following rules must be followed:
1.      Charcoal fires must be “fired up” before 8:30 a.m. on Saturday morning of the festival. This will allow excessive smoke to disappear by opening time of 10:00 a.m.
2.      If the above request is not followed, officials of the Autumn on the Square event reserve the right to ask you to leave the premises with NO refund of your booth fee.
 We are having a street dance this year which will begin about 8:30 p.m. until about 11:30 p.m. If you choose to stay and keep your booth open there will be an extra $10.00 charge. 
ELECTRICAL:  If vendors need 110 electrical, they will need to bring a industrial100ft.extension cord. For concession wagons which will need 220, our receptacles are NEMA/EEMAC 14-50R receptacles and vendors will need a 4 prong, 50 amp plug to connect to our system. (If you aren’t sure what you need, check with your electrical supplier.) DO NOT TRY TO WIRE DIRECTLY INTO OUR SYSTEM!!! ELECTROCUTION COULD OCCUR!!)
***See attached form for proper electrical usage***
TEAR-DOWN:  The festival closes at 4:00p.m. Vendors should keep booths intact until 4:00 p.m. Vehicles will not be allowed back on the square until 4:30 p.m. There are many children crossing the streets and we can’t risk injury. All drivers need to use caution when entering the square for tear-down.
COST: Booth rental is $25.00 per space for non-electrical and $35.00 for electrical hook-up. Fees are non refundable. THIS APPLIES TO ALL PARTICIPANTS. Commercial food vendors must have an Arkansas Health Department inspection certificate. This is not mandatory for non-profit groups. If your application is accepted you will be mailed a receipt and the money will not be refunded. If your application is denied, your booth space fee will be returned immediately.
**Please remember that the available space on the grass is limited and that not all vendors will be able to be located there. This will depend on when your application and deposit is received. Therefore, it is to your advantage to get your application in early.
Thank you for your consideration in joining us. We look forward to having a wonderful festival this year.
  ______________________                                                  _____________________
Sharon Reid, Office Manager                                                            Tiffany Davis, Chairperson
Marianna/Lee County Chamber of Commerce                     Autumn on the Square
870-295-2469                                                                          870-821-2666 


C/o Marianna/Lee County Chamber of Commerce

Post Office Box 584
Marianna, Arkansas 72360


Name of Organization:  ______________________________

Contact Person:                    ___________________________________________
Address:                                 ___________________________________________
Phone:                                    ___________________________________________
What will your booth contain? (Please be specific)________________________
**(No Silly String or Guns Of any sort can be sold )**
Will you be staying for the street dance? _________________________
Will you use a tent?              ___________    What size is your tent? __________
            (If you do not have a tent, you will need a method to provide shade)
Do you have a concession wagon? ____________   What size?_______________
Do you need electricity? _____________________ How many amps? _________
Do you need a 110 or 220 electrical outlet? (circle one)
I understand and agree to the Autumn on the Square stipulations.
Signed: ____________________________________  Date: ____________________

Booth Rental Paid:                                                              Date Received: __________
______________                                                                   Number: _______________




Autumn on the Square
Electrical Availability and  Proper Usage
Due to past electrical overloading, the AOTS organizers have had to limit the number of electrical appliances that may be used on one outlet.
This is on the advice from a licensed electrician.
Therefore to avoid future electrical problems as encountered in the past, please use the following chart to ensure proper usage of the electrical outlets:

  1. 110 outlets will only hold 20 amps                   

Example 1One Box Fan with One 1200 Watt Crock Pot
Example 2- Two 1500 watt Crock Pot
Example 3- One 1500 watt Crock Pot with One Box Fan

  1. 220 outlets must have 4 prong, 50 amp plug. Be sure to have proper

electrical cord with you date of set-up.
You will be given (1) warning for any electrical problems that occur that
are not the fault of Autumn on the Square.
If a 2nd warning occurs, the Autumn on the Square staff reserves the right
to discontinue your electrical outlet usage.
Compliance to all rules assures fairness to all vendors
I have read and understand the above. This form is to be signed and
returned to Marianna/Lee Chamber of Commerce with signed contract. 
Marianna/Lee County Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 584
Marianna, AR. 72360